LED Lighting Manufacturers USA & Worldwide

In the last few years, Eco-friendly LED lighting technology has made some incredible leaps forward in terms of longevity, energy efficiency and affordability of home LED lighting products becoming ever more accessible and affordable for environmentally conscious consumers. The technological advances of recent years have made it possible for homeowners to get bright LED replacement light bulbs that are ultra energy efficient and long lasting, turn on and instantly attain their full brightness, and stay reasonably cool thereby reducing your air conditioning costs.- This marks the beginning of an end for incandescent light bulbs that have been with us ever since Thomas Edison invented his first light bulb. The modern state of the lighting industry is a far cry from what it used to be when incandescent light bulbs were the only thing known to men. After all, modern home lighting LED light bulbs can last anywhere from 25 to 100 times as long, while being 4 to 10 times more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs.

LED lighting stands for light emitting diodes. Although, early light emitting diodes were made in the 1960s, it has not been until recently that advances in LED lighting technology made it possible to integrate LEDs into everyday objects such as LED flashlights, home and garden replacement LED light bulbs, and commercial LED lighting.

Why LED Lights?

There are numerous advantages of LED lighting products, which have a great degree of reliability, durability, longevity, ease of operation, and energy efficiency. LED light bulbs can last anywhere from 25,000 to some 100,000 hours of service life, while providing tremendous energy savings over conventional incandescent light bulbs destined for phase out in the US by 2012, and compact fluorescent lights. Modern LEDs are four times as energy efficient as CFLs, and turn on to full brightness instantaneously. There is no need to wait a few minutes for a bulb to warm up. LED lights can be recycled in a safe manner, because unlike compact fluorescent lights, LEDs do not contain Mercury, or any other harmful materials.

Energy Efficiency and Lifespan Advantages of LEDs

White, bright LED lights consume only 25% of the energy required to produce equivalent amount of light by compact fluorescent lights. LED light bulbs can last anywhere from 4 to 10 times longer than compact fluorescent lights or CFLs. LEDs can also help reduce your cooling costs, because unlike incandescent lights, they do not produce excessive heat.

Where Can I find LED Lights Manufactured by the US Producers?

Replacement LED light bulbs and LED lighting products can be purchased from online LED lighting retailers, and in brick and mortar electric and lighting centers across the US. Tell the store you are interested in LED light bulbs manufactured in the US, and they will offer you quite a few options! Everyday, LED lighting products are becoming more affordable, and a major technological paradigm shift in household and commercial lighting products is taking place right in front of our eyes.

LEED Accreditation for LEDs by the US Green Building Council

LED Lights are considered green and environmentally friendly. It is no surprise that U.S. Green Building Council assigns LEED credits for the installation of LED lights. Electrical and Lighting contractors can now obtain a LEED certification to position themselves at the edge of LED lighting technology, which can be of a great advantage to companies bidding on governmental stimulus package sponsored construction, and green building inspired lighting renovation projects.

Many lighting suppliers and distributors choose to become LEED certified, so that they can educate their employees and commercial clients about advantages and benefits of LED lighting technology. This allows forward-looking lighting product suppliers and distributors to position themselves for a competitive advantage and technological edge, which translates to a sustainable competitive advantage for the future.

By embracing the new technology, companies are providing confidence, reliability and durability of modern energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting products onto to the end consumers who will reap benefits of energy savings, and reliable operation of LEDs for many years to come.

LED lighting manufacturers, and producers of opto-electronic components are offering a wide range of highly advanced home lighting replacement LED light bulbs to early adopters, and commercial and industrial LED lighting products to companies in private sectors and institutional clients that can benefit from governmental incentives, and through partnerships with the US Green Building council’s LEED accreditation program.

LED Lighting Manufacturers Directory

Producers of LED lighting products are listed below for your convenience. You can visit their websites and learn more about benefits of their home replacement LED light bulbs.

LED Lighting Manufacturers in USA

King Bright USA is an LED Lighting Manufacturer in USA

King Bright USA – Manufactures industry’s smallest Bi-Color SMD LEDS, white LED lamps, high brightness LEDs, and opto-electronic components.
Includes products catalog, news, and contact details. Located in City of Industry, California, USA.

Albeo Technologies Industrial LED Lighting

Albeo Technologies – Manufactures industrial strength LED Lighting products, commercial, and under-cabinet kitchen LED lights. Contains LED lighting catalog, and case studies publications. Located in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

HollySolar – Manufactures LED lighting, low voltage controllers and solar powered cooling products. Located in Petaluma, California, USA.

Elio ITC – Manufactures LED Replacement Bulbs, Plug ‘N Lite accessories, accent and overhead lighting, and safety lighting. Located in Holland, Michigan, USA.

L.C LED Lighting Manufacturer

LightComp LED Corp – Manufactures LED light products for home and business. Products include energy efficient light bulbs, super bright lights, lamps, and opto-electronic semiconductor components. Located in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Sylvania LED lights

Sylvania – Manufactures dimmable home lighting LED light bulbs. Located in Danvers, Massachusetts, USA.

LED Lighting Suppliers and Vendors selling home LED lights through their online retail stores:

Sylvania sells LED light bulbs through its online LED lighting retail store below:
www.SylvaniaOnlineStore.com – Sells LED light bulbs business to consumer. Provides significant discounts on energy efficient LED lighting products that can be ordered online, and delivered straight to your house.

LED Lighting Suppliers in the UK:

LED Lighthouse – Supplies and installs domestic and commercial LED light products including LED light bulbs, LED strip lights, LED spotlights and LED floodlights through the online store. Also provides commercial LED lighting consultations and fitting services in the UK.