High-End LED Lighting Solutions

For businesses worldwide, the issue of growing carbon emissions, and ways to reduce wasteful energy spending are becoming increasingly important. One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce energy spending without compromising core business operations is to install high-end LED lights. Cutting edge LED technology makes the use of specialized LED lights ideal for high-end applications such as luxury retail, galleries, show rooms, and entertainment industry production for theater, television, and movie shootings. In addition to being energy-saving and cost-effective, LED lights offer unique, modern lighting solutions that are a vast improvement over both incandescent and fluorescent light fixtures.

Innovative LED Lighting Solutions

New advanced LED light technology can bring a number of unique advantages to luxury retail and show rooms, making them an increasingly popular lighting choice. LED lights offer unparalleled versatility, bringing lights to places that have never before been lit by traditional incandescent bulbs. A great example of LED’s versatility is the recently designed facade of Christian Dior on 57th Avenue in New York. LED lights were used to create Dior’s signature “cannage” pattern and were the ideal solution for the shallow depth of the store front, which also needed to have high light intensity.

Jewelery stores and other luxury retailers make great use of specialized iStyle Range LED lighting. These high-end lights are superior in bringing out the different aspects of the product such as color, texture, materials, and illuminate it in ways that other sources of light are unable to match. Business can take advantage of flexible positioning and optimization of color temperature to highlight the beauty of jewelry, clothing, pieces of art and craft, etc. As a result, LED lights are instrumental in branding, helping create the aesthetic appeal of a retail space and the merchandise.


LED lights are highly energy efficient and can help significantly reduce electricity bills, which can quickly add up for commercial spaces. Typically, LED lights have an efficiency of 60 ml/W. This makes them 8 times as efficient as incandescent bulbs, and 5 times as efficient as florescent lights. Since for commercial locations, lighting typically accounts for 22-30% of total energy consumption, by using as much as 80% less power as traditional lights, LEDs can save businesses thousands of dollars.

Long Service Life

One of the best features of LED lights is their incredibly long service life. LED lights virtually have no limits, and are made to last as long as 100,000 hours. By comparison, incandescent lights can only last about 1000 hours, while fluorescent lights are designed to last 6,000-8,000 hours. LEDs long service life makes them ideal for commercial applications when lights need to be on for extended periods of time and overnight. This feature also helps business save on maintenance and replacement costs of the light bulbs.


Currently, there are scores of companies selling high – end LED lights in a wide range of prices. The reality is that not all LED lighting technology is created equal, and independent research shows a broad range of performance from different LED lighting manufacturers. For the most reliable LED lighting products, it is important to find a reputable retailer, such as LED Eco Lite who is known for strong commitment to quality and performance. Since LEDs cost more than other types of lighting, it is best to buy products from a trusted brand specializing in design, supply and installation of high performance LED lights for businesses, and media production studios.